Crane Flies in My Paint (or the Somewhat-Still Life)

I usually get annoyed by the annual crane fly invasion here in Texas in April. Especially since they always seem to find a way to get inside my art studio and, inevitably, in my paint. But for this occasion, I found them to be welcome.


I was about 2 hours into a still life when two of them landed on my main subject, an enameled tin. Since they were sitting so still I thought, why not. So I proceeded to include them in the painting. Easier said than done since I hadn't planned for them in the beginning stages. But, I figured it was worth the risk, and a great example of being flexible when it comes to painting.


Unfortunately I wasn't totally happy with the one sitting on top so I wiped him off, but the one clinging to the tin on the left is still there. Most people looking at this probably wouldn't notice him (or is that her), but I think it adds a little interest and a conversation point.


Still Life - 10x8-inch oil on panel. Private collection.

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