Day Trippin

My wife loves this painting but asked me, in its initial stages, if anyone would buy it based on the subject matter... meaning, two strangers walking in a public square with no ties to any potential customers. After pondering this question, which was actually a good one for me to consider, my answer is YES! I think there is a market for it.


Figurative paintings are slices of life. Simple compositions of everyday activity. Here in Day Trippin, we have two people getting on in years, holding hands and sharing a Saturday enjoying the local scenery. To some, this might touch an emotion, maybe remind them of their parents, or just bring a smile to their face because of the sweet nature of it. To others, the subject matter is irrelevant. It's about brushwork, shapes, temperatures and values. And then there are those that simply love the body of work and want whatever the artist has to offer. 


Consider what the "Masters"chose to paint. A women washing clothes, a butcher carving meat, or a fisherman tending his nets. Nothing majestic, for the most part. In fact, pretty mundane stuff. Now maybe they weren't thinking about whether or not someone might buy it, but I think most successful artists simply paint what moves them, not what sells. The latter usually takes care of itself in those cases.


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