Frequently Asked Questions

How do I purchase a painting?

If you find a piece you want to purchase just click on the image and you will be directed to its individual page. There you will find the pricing and a link to pay via PayPal. Newer paintings, or those that are committed to shows or galleries will have a link to our purchase inquiry page. There you will find a form to fill out and send. Once we receive the inquiry, you will be contacted via email with the paintings status and additional instructions.


Do you accept commission requests?

Generally no. I find them to be more "work" than pleasure because I'm not creating art from inspiration. There just seems to be a self-imposed pressure that usually results in paintings that I'm not as happy with. And I want my buyers to be happy.


What materials do you use?

I use only materials that are the highest in quality. My paintings are meant to last a lifetime and beyond. With oils, if drying-time allows, I protect them with a layer of varnish.